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As the new year approaches, homeowners across the United States will now be thinking about their home upgrade projects for 2023. Whichever room you’re planning to update, finding the right interior paint colors will be an essential part of the project.

With families actively looking to alter the appearance of their living spaces after growing tired of their home surroundings during the pandemic, a change of color scheme is the most effective solution. Not least because it is one of the most affordable ways to improve your home.

Here are some of the top paint colors that will improve your home for 2023 and beyond.

Redend Point (Sherwin Williams)

Renowned paint brand Sherwin Williams has named Redend Point (SW 9081) its Paint Color of the Year for 2023, and it’s not hard to see why. The blush-beige shade promises to help buyers bring home a blend of warmth and intrigue. One thing we know is that it delivers a beautiful result that offers a great level of versatility.

The Sherwin-Williams solution builds on the success of last year’s focus on warm neutrals and can be perfectly suited to modern bedrooms, contemporary kitchens, and romantic living spaces. The subtle hue is particularly well matched to rose gold kitchen and bathroom features. Meanwhile, it provides a lovely burst of sophisticated color against natural stone materials.

Sherwin Williams says it’s minimal, calming, and intriguing. We can’t argue with any of that and feel it will bring a classy and modern yet timeless appeal to virtually any room that could benefit from the romantic touch of a pink-red-peachy blend. It is available directly from the company in paint samples.

Raspberry Blush (Benjamin Moore)

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year selection is another that highlights the potential of red hues as popular interior paint colors for 2023. Despite those similarities, its Raspberry Blush (2008-30) is a lot bolder than the Sherwin Williams offers. It is described by the company as a “vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink” and is sure to invigorate living rooms, and dining spaces alike.

It is the focal point of the company’s dedicated Color Trends 2023 range that also features Conch Shell, Cinnamon, and other colors that are designed to bring a burst of personality to the modern family home. Raspberry Blush, in particular, is a real attention-grabber and is the perfect choice for accent walls and accentuating features.

Raspberry Blush sees Benjamin Moore move away from the softer new neutrals that have dominated in the past couple of years. However, it is a risk that has been rewarded with what is easily one of our favorite paint colors of the year. You can test it in your home with sample paint swatches today.

Blank Canvas (Behr Paint)

Simple yet sophisticated, Behr Paint has opted for Blank Canvas (DC-003) as its Color of the Year. It is the ultimate off-white paint color choice for 2023. Its light-reflecting attributes can make living spaces look bigger, cleaner, and more welcoming. This makes it the perfect choice for entryways, kitchens and bedrooms. However, the potential of Blank Canvas can do so much more.

The versatility of the Behr Paint Color of the Year is simply incredible. It is the perfect partner to a range of neutral colors across a palette of modern greens, browns, and deep blues while also working with natural materials like stone or wood with exceptional results. Frankly, you cannot go wrong with the Blank Canvas option.

Whether buying alone or teaming it with other Behr Paint colors like Smokey Pink, Pure Earth, or Spiced Mustard, paint samples will allow you to test out various combinations before committing to anything. Better still, finding the furniture and accessories to bring the overall look of a kitchen or bedroom to life should be the easiest of tasks too. The appeal will last for years to come.

Vining Ivy (Glidden)

Next year isn’t the first year where greens, and especially greens with a hint of blue, will be immensely popular. However, a look at some of the Color of the Year collections by the top brands shows that it will be a key player once more. Glidden’s Vining Ivy (1148-6) stands out as one of the very best interior paint colors for 2023.

The versatility of this color is underlined by the fact that warmer lighting will bring out the greens while cooler lighting will promote the heavy blue undertones. It creates a dramatic look in modern living spaces and home offices alike while it is also a fantastic choice for larger bedrooms or even the exterior walls of the home. Vining Ivy looks majestic, sophisticated, and luxurious all in one.

It finds the perfect blend of calmness and energizing while the textures, natural vibes, and richness of the color can work perfectly well against various natural materials. If you are looking for a green-blue paint color to bring a serene yet vibrant style to your living spaces, Vining Ivy is the perfect choice.

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