Choosing a paint color for your kitchen

Choosing Your Kitchen’s Color


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Use Sure Swatch to Choose the Right Kitchen Paint Color

Choosing a paint color for the kitchen can be a difficult task. You are sure to spend plenty of time in the kitchen and what color you choose may impact your psychological outlook and frame of mind.

A kitchen is the central hub of many homes.  It is where family and friends gather both formally and informally.   So having the right paint color can have a dramatic effect on the room is used and the memories that you want to create.  When it comes to paint color you can use neutral colors like white and gray or also exceptable are yellows, greens and reds.  So use your creativity when it comes to your kitchen paint colors.

Many restaurants use red to stimulate appetite.  So if you are a cook and want memorable meals, think about using red.  You can add a splash with red accessories or go bold by using it on your cabinets.  The Spruce provides several ideas on how to bring this color into your kitchen.  Red can be a difficult color to paint with.  These are deep colors that can require multiple coats of paint to achieve the depth of color.  Before painting with red try the SureSwatch Primer Decider to help with picking a primer

A gray kitchen provides a perfect neutral palette for decorating.  Grays have undertones so be sure to sample them before painting an entire room. Grays provide versatility and you can always add color through chair cushions or accessories.  A gray kitchen can be classic and modern depending on your appliances and table.

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