Home Décor Accessories: How to Compliment Your Freshly Painted Room

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One of the biggest impacts you can make on a room is to liven it up with a fresh coat of paint. But why stop there?  A freshly painted room opens up a world of possibilities and gets your creative juices flowing.

If you have already painted a room and are looking for ideas on home décor accessories that will make an impact or are thinking about painting and wondering how to accessorize after, check out some of these fun and simple ideas to complement a freshly painted room. 

Home Décor Accessories Ideas

Wall Art

It may sound counterintuitive to cover up a wall right after you paint it. However, wall art can make an impact by contrasting your new wall color or creating a focal point in the room.
Wall art doesn’t necessarily mean a painting or a picture; it can be any number of home décor accessories that you choose to adorn your walls. A few examples include tapestries, real or faux taxidermy, or mirrors, which can be art in and of themselves. 

Go Green

Using plants to accent a room is a fantastic way to bring life into a room and contrast the colors.
The Spruce says plants can be spread around the room or clustered in one place, depending on your design taste. They also bring up the fact that plants are not just a beautiful addition to a room. They are also functional – many plants help to clean the air in a room to varying degrees. 

Pillow Power

House Beautiful suggests pillows as some of the first home decor accessories you try out. This is because it is a simple way to play with color.

Pillows are functional and can match or contrast a room to create an appealing aesthetic. One advantage that pillows have over other accessories and even over paint is they don’t just add color to a room, but they can add texture too.

Lighten Up

A new paint job should be seen, which means it may be time for some new lighting. Of course, a new chandelier with more lights will brighten up the room.
But in addition, lighting has become a decoration in itself.  A new light fixture can be the room’s focal point and bring the entire design vision together. 

Don’t Look Down (Or Do)

You have art on the walls and new lighting on the ceiling so that just leaves the floor. A new rug is a bit more expensive than pillows, but the concept is the same. A rug can match or contrast with other colors in the room to draw it together or create a moment. 

Mind the Details

Once the big stuff is in place, complete the room with some smaller home decor accessories. While eye-catching art pieces and colorful rugs can create conversation pieces in a room, the little things add charm and coziness to your space and can hold equal weight in a conversation. 

Accessories are truly the items in the room that represent your personality and style. The great thing about accessories in a room is that they can be switched out by season or easily moved around. Create new looks in the same room long after the paint has dried. 

Be Excited About Adding Home Décor Accessories!

Making changes can be nerve-wracking, but the great thing about decorating is that it can always be changed. 

Take your time and find pieces that you really love to pull the room together in ways you might not even imagine yet. 

If you know what home décor accessories you are looking for or have no idea and want some guidance, contact us today for a helping hand. 

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