How to Find the Right Colors for Your Space


Wall Paint Color Ideas

If you are just starting to decorate your room, it’s time to think about what wall paint colors.  Understanding color theory is a good way to help you pull off the ambiance you are looking to feel. There’s a lot to it, but here are a few wall color ideas to get you started.  So often we use the words cool and warm to describe colors.

Cool Tones

Cool tones will relax the room, using wall paint colors such as blue, gray, and violet. Drawing from the palette of cools sets a tone in a room that is restful and relaxed.   Cool tones can help a small room feel larger.  It ticks the eye to make the walls look like they are receding, which will make a small room look larger.

So if you use the word relaxed or calm, then a cool color is right for that room.

Wall Paint Colors – Warm Tones

To create a warm feeling for your room, use warm paint colors such as red, orange, gold, and brown. The subtlety of these colors creates a comforting feeling and can be enjoyed day or night.  If using brighter shades of red or orange remember to balance these colors with a neutral.  Warm colors provide an intimate feeling.  So if cozy and intimate are your words then warm tones are your choice.

About SureSwatch

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