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Ah, fall! The sight of colorful leaves blanketing everything, the smell of pumpkin spice, the feel of cooler air playing on your skin, and the excitement of … home paint projects?

Believe it or not, fall is the perfect time to kick off a list of DIY home paint projects around the house. Here are a few reasons why you should get out the paintbrush now instead of saving these items for the springtime.

5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Home Paint Projects

1. Cooler Weather Makes Working Outside Easier

One of the items on every “honey do” list is maintaining the exterior of your house. You’ve been putting it off all summer, so why not use the cooler fall weather as a good excuse to get outside and finally mark it off the list? While the nicer temperatures will work to your advantage initially, it’s important to get exterior painting finished before they drop too low. As we detail in our article on fall home paint projects, some paints don’t apply well below certain temperatures.

2. Take Care of Maintenance and Repairs Before Winter Hits

Another reason to jump on this task and get it completed in the fall: repairing, caulking, and painting are especially important before harsh winter precipitation and winds take a toll on your home’s siding and windows. Whether it’s filling in holes and gaps to keep precipitation and drafts out or giving your home a new coat in order to keep it in tip-top shape, this is a project to tackle before Old Man Winter shows his blustery face.

3. Show Off Fall Paint Projects Over the Holidays

Every single time your mother-in-law visits, she makes passive aggressive comments about the outdated color of your living room or sniffs at the gaudy wallpaper in the guest bathroom. (In your defense, both were already there when you bought the house.) Repainting these rooms before she arrives for Thanksgiving will assure that she has nothing left to complain about … except how the turkey is a bit overcooked.

Even if you can’t please your mother-in-law, you’ll still get oohs and aahs from guests at your holiday parties. If you’ve been thinking of repainting the kitchen or updating the walls of your dining room, why not do it before the biggest entertaining time of the year?

4. Paint Contractors Aren’t As Busy in the Cooler Months

Another reason many homeowners opt to schedule their home paint projects for the fall is that if it’s a large project that you’re unwilling or unable to take on yourself, contractors are less busy in the fall. They’re more in demand in the spring and summer, making it harder to get them out to your home in the first place — let alone getting your project finished in a timely fashion.

The fall is a different story, however. With a schedule that isn’t as packed, a contractor will be able to fit you in more easily (even at the last minute) and will be able to devote more attention to getting your project done fast and right. Even better: when their schedules are less full, contractors are more likely to offer you a discounted rate.

5. SureSwatch Makes It Low-Stress

Some people are hesitant to make any change in paint colors with the holidays approaching because they feel intimidated by the paint color selection process. Using SureSwatch means that there doesn’t have to be any stress associated with choosing a hue. Simply paint your color selections on a few SureSwatches (or have your contractor do it) and put them in the area you’re considering painting.

This makes the paint selection process much easier … meaning that come holiday parties, mothers-in-law, or winter blizzards, you and your home will be ready!

Want more ideas for your home paint projects? Check out our blog!

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