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As you clean the gutters, mow the lawn, and get to work building that new deck in the backyard, there’s one more project you should consider: interior painting. Whether you paint just one room or take on the entire house, here are five reasons it’s an excellent idea to paint the inside of your house.

5 Steps to Spruce Up Your Home

1. To Spiff Up Your Spring Cleaning

If you’re like most homeowners, every springtime, you give your home a good cleaning. This may include going through your closet, chasing down dust bunnies, and giving the fridge and pantry a much-needed decluttering.

Spring cleaning also includes a deep cleaning of all the areas we can see, from shining up windows to cleaning upholstery. To really spiff things up, why not give a room or two – or even the entire house – a brand-new springtime coat of paint? Interior painting will help give your home a fresh look that will truly accentuate all of your hard cleaning work.

2. You’re Planning to Sell

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It may be a tired old cliche, but it’s particularly true when you put your home on the market. In real estate, first impressions are everything.

Potential buyers scroll through photos of homes, making lists of the ones that interest them and forgetting the ones that don’t stand out. The same holds true when a realtor brings someone to see your home.  If it looks unimpressive or ill-maintained, they’re likely to leave right away before seeing all the home has to offer.

It’s important that the house look fresh, well-maintained, and up-to-date. Interior painting will not only help your home sell faster; it may also help it fetch a slightly higher price. HGTV even mentions painting your home as one of the 30 most important things you can do to increase its value.

3. You Need to Repair Damage

Any home that’s lived in and well-loved is sure to take a bit of a beating, especially in high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, and kids’ bedrooms. Over time, your walls can develop quite a collection of scrapes, bumps, and bruises, and it can really help to brighten things up if you take the time to repair and paint over them.

Even if there are large dents or holes in your walls, fixing them is an easy DIY job you can complete with drywall compound or putty, a putty knife, sandpaper, primer, paint and a paintbrush. Simply clean the area around the damage and then sand it down. Apply the putty or drywall compound and smooth it out onto the wall around the damaged area. After the compound dries, sand it before priming and painting it. You’ll be amazed at what a difference these small repairs will make!

4. To Give Your Home an Affordable Makeover

When you’ve lived in the same home for years, things can begin to feel blah. You get tired of staring at the same old kitchen and the same boring bathroom. A home remodel is one solution, but it’s an expensive one. In the meantime, why not give your home a makeover-on-a-budget by updating the interior painting with some exciting new colors?

Choosing new colors can be tough, especially if you’re trying to go with something entirely different than what you currently have. To get inspired, grab a few sample cans of paint and test them out with SureSwatch temporary paint swatches. This will help you test out different colors in various rooms and even on various walls (which is particularly helpful if you’re thinking of doing an accent wall). Unlike putting actual test squares of paint on your walls, SureSwatch saves you time by easily peeling off.

5. You’re Remodeling

Finally, when you do decide to take the leap and do that big remodel to create a gourmet kitchen or the bathroom of your dreams, you’ll have an excellent reason to break out the paintbrush. When you update your flooring, fixtures, and appliances, it’s a great idea to update your interior painting, as well. Whether you’re hoping to go with cool, modern tones for your contemporary kitchen or soothing, natural hues to make your new bathroom truly feel like a spa, new paint will help put the finishing touches on any remodeling project.

Now that you’ve got five excellent reasons to start an interior painting project — what are you waiting for?

Want more great ideas for your next interior painting project? Check out our painting tips for ideas and inspiration!

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