Jamie’s Painting Diary — Monochromatic Color Schemes

Jamie's Diary

Hello again! My last diary entry was all about finding a new paint color. Today, it’s all about deciding on a paint color scheme.

First off, when starting a painting project, choose colors that you actually like! Don’t worry about what the experts say. Color is subjective — it’s your home, use the colors that speak to you. As mentioned before, I’m basing these paint colors off of a feature piece, the yellow and gray comforter I selected, but you can choose your colors based on any piece of furniture or item in your room.

And of course, test the paint color first! The color chips you get at the store give you an idea of what you’re getting, but it’s impossible to choose a color based on a tiny paper sample that is printed with ink. You’ve got to test the paint color in your home. But, when you start testing paint colors for your interior paint project, I beg you to resist the urge to paint sample squares on your wall. Use a SureSwatch!

A Monochromatic Scheme

For our new guest room, we decided on a monochromatic paint color scheme. Monochromatic schemes use different shades of the same color, so we could build off of gray or build off of yellow. I find the easiest way to create a monochromatic scheme is to go to the stripe card. The paint companies have done all the work for you. Just pick a color you like and move up or down to have a light, medium, or dark shade. The hard part is now deciding what goes where.

If the feature piece is lighter (which the comforter is), try the medium or dark color for the wall. If the feature piece is darker, consider the medium to light color for the wall. Then, use the paint color to find accent pieces for the room. If you choose the medium for the walls, use dark side tables and lighter pillows or vice versa. It’s all about depth and variety.

Until next time, happy painting!


Jamie’s Painting Diary is a series by SureSwatch inventor and president Jamie Peltz. It chronicles her adventures in painting — and in life — from deciding on a paint color scheme to the trials and tribulations of a home improvement painting project.

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