Millennials — Don’t Hire Help, Try DIY Paint Projects!

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As millennials join the ranks of first-time home buyers, they’re learning what homeowners have known for generations: the cost of a home goes beyond the monthly mortgage payments. You’ll also have to foot the bill for maintenance, repairs, and general upkeep — from landscaping and painting to AC repair and electrical issues.

But wait! There’s no reason to pay more by hiring a professional for some of these items. While we don’t recommend toying around with the electrical or plumbing system in your home unless you’re trained to do so, taking on items like landscaping and painting can help you save money. In fact, here are a few DIY paint projects you can tackle whenever you can carve out a bit of time.

Make Your Home Pop with a New Front Door Color

Have you ever driven down a street to see the same old houses on every lot until — wait! — look at that cool one with the funky-colored trim and front door! The house itself may be nearly identical to all the rest, but an interesting choice of hue to accent things like doors and window trim can really change things up.

You don’t even have to go out of this world with a purple or lime green front door. Simply updating your current color so that the entry to your home looks bright and refreshed will do wonders for your home’s appearance. Best of all: it’s a small project that you can absolutely do yourself. Check out our article on painting your front door for tips on how to tackle this project.

Transform the Interior of Your Home with DIY Paint Projects

Almost any area inside of your home has the potential for a paint makeover. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your bathroom, perhaps you can save a few dollars by making less-expensive cosmetic changes first. Consider changing out an old or outdated tub, shower, and sink faucets and fixtures to bring your bath into the modern age. In addition to this, bring in a new paint color to turn your bathroom from blah to spa. Go with soothing, natural tones that make you think of wood and water.

For an easy transformation in other areas of your home, you can always create an accent wall. These work well to accent a room that needs a bit of a pop or to warm up a space where the color scheme is cold and sterile. Accent walls can also make small rooms appear larger.

To create an accent wall, choose an area with features that naturally draw the eye. A wall behind a living room couch, a bed, or a large desk or bookcase is a natural place for an accent wall. You can also choose a wall with interesting architectural features such as a reading nook. The sky’s the limit as far as color, but make sure you’re choosing something that will go well with elements in the rest of the room.

Spring Cleaning and More

Sometimes DIY paint projects don’t involve creating something new; often, you simply need to maintain what you’ve already got. Kids, pets, and life create scuffs, dings, and bumps along the walls of our homes, and spring cleaning is an excellent time to make it all look new again. Instead of simply cleaning your home, taking on a paint touch up will truly make it look refreshed for the year to come.

No matter which of these DIY paint projects you choose, use SureSwatch to guide you along! From choosing a paint color to figuring out which primer is right, it’s the best way to ensure that you end up with the right supplies to make your project a success.

Want more help with your DIY paint projects? Check out our blog!

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