Our Favorite DIY Home Painting Projects for Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to take on projects around the house. The weather starts to get cooler, practically beckoning you outdoors.  And even if your projects have you working inside, you can pop a window open and know that you’re getting your home in beautiful shape. One of the best ways to freshen things up is with some easy DIY home painting projects. Here are a few you can tackle right away.

Maintaining the Outside of Your Home

Once the summertime temperatures are a thing of the past and it’s cool enough for you to take on some outdoor projects, consider adding exterior paint maintenance to your list of DIY home painting projects. You’ll want to kick this off by giving your home a good scouring with a pressure washer. If you don’t have a pressure washer, getting your hands on one is easy.  You can rent them from most home improvement stores or buy one for as little as $300.

The pressure washer makes it easy to apply special detergent created for a house’s siding that will help cut through grime, as well as mold and mildew that keeps your home looking dingy and unkept. Let the detergent sit for 5-10 minutes (avoiding direct sunlight as it sits) before rinsing it away.

Remember to avoid pressure washing from a ladder.  As the force of the water can push the ladder backward and cause you to fall. If you have a two-story house, get an extension wand for your pressure washer. While using the extension wand, be sure to watch out for power lines.

Once your house is all pressure washed and dried, you’ll be ready for the next step: updating your exterior paint.

Updating Exterior Paint

A freshly-painted house simply looks fabulous, doesn’t it? Most homeowners don’t realize that exterior paint isn’t simply cosmetic.  It’s also the key to keeping your home in tip-top condition. This is why we’d put exterior paint number one on your list of DIY home painting projects. Even mild winter weather can be tough on the exterior of a house.  But if you live in an area that frequently experiences extreme temperatures, ice, and snow, keeping your exterior paint refreshed is a must. This will help keep your home’s siding and trim in excellent shape.

While painting the exterior of your house is something that’s best done after the sweltering summertime weather is through.  You also need to tackle this project and finish it before temperatures drop too low. Of course, the purpose of painting your home before the winter is to protect it from winter weather. But another reason to get your exterior paint project finished as early as possible is that some paints won’t work well once the temperature falls below 50 degrees.

Transforming a Kid’s Room into a Guest Room

The great thing about taking on DIY home painting projects on the interior of your home is that you can still tackle them when the weather gets a bit nippy. If you’ve recently sent a child off to college, it may be time to start thinking about transforming their bedroom from a teen’s wonderland into a comfortable guest room.

This doesn’t mean that you have to put away every single reminder that your child once lived there; turning a kid’s room into a guest room can be as simple as boxing up the majority of their belongings and leaving a select few out so that it still feels like home when they visit (maybe a few trophies and some photos). If the walls are painted a funky color — deep purple, black, or fluorescent hues, for example — consider toning the paint down with something that won’t give Grandma heart palpitations if she sleeps there when she comes to visit.

Use SureSwatch and Get Your DIY Home Painting Projects Right the First Time

Especially if you’re changing paint colors when you redo the outside of your home or an inside room such as a kid’s room, make sure you save time and money by using SureSwatch to get the color right the first time. SureSwatch brings back the fun to picking paint colors and provides color accuracy even with those sometimes troublesome bright and vibrant colors. And best of all, you don’t have to live with permanent color patches painted on your walls because the painted SureSwatch removes easily and cleanly.

What are you waiting for? DIY home painting projects await!

Check out more DIY home painting projects in our blog!

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