Quicker Results with The SureSwatch Primer Decider

Using a primer when painting with certain colors will make the color look better and the job easier. We know a red dining room, a yellow sunroom or electric blue bathroom will bring a flair to your home.  But achieving that color can be difficult.

When you buy a can of paint the associate looks up a color formula (recipe) and then picks the recommended base.  Paint is typically tinted into three bases. The white base and medium base are both white and provide more coverage.  The deep base (also known as an accent base) is clear. When using a clear base, the color is achieved as you layer more coats onto the wall.  To visualize this think about adding food coloring to a glass of water. The more food coloring you add the deeper the color will get.

The SureSwatch Primer Decider Scale will help you determine if a primer is needed before you start the project.  By using the right primer you will do less work with less paint to achieve the desired color and the coverage you want.

Step 1: Apply Paint Generously

With the Sure Swatch UNPRINTED side up, apply the paint generously in a corner-to-corner “X” pattern. Paint in a side-to-side motion and then in an up and down motion to completely cover the sheet.

As a final step, roll in one direction from top to bottom in a series of strokes covering the entire sheet. Let the first coat dry until it feels dry to the touch. Apply a second coat using the same method. Again, be sure to let it dry to the touch.

Drying time is approximately 20-60 minutes depending on the surrounding temperature and humidity.

Step 2: Try the Color on Your Wall.


While you might be tempted to make your color choice by looking down at what you have just painted, it is important that you position your SureSwatch on your wall for viewing.

After the painted SureSwatch is dry, crack on the dotted line to remover the Primer Decider.  Flip the Primer Decider over and place gray squares to the sticky side of the painted SureSwatch.  

Remove the remaining printed sheet and place on the wall.  Compare the manufacturer’s color chip to each square of covered Primer Decider.  If no squares show through no primer is needed.

If color looks best over a primer square, show primer shade to associate for similar tinted primer.

Please don’t use this product on wallpaper, recently painted surfaces, unpainted drywall or other easily peeled surfaces


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