Picking Paint Colors: The Adventure


She walked out of the title office with the keys to her condo in hand. Her new home. It would be the first place that she got to decorate according to her own tastes. And she knew right where she wanted to start: picking paint colors for every room.

At the paint store, she stood in front of the giant wall of colors.  Her thoughts ping-ponging from “how do I pick one blue from a row of blues?” to “I really don’t like green” to “how can there possibly be 20 cards with shades of white?” For a moment, it all overwhelmed her, but she pushed through the panic and started making choices. She found two possible colors for the living room.  Another three for her bedroom. Plus more options to use for the guest room, bathrooms, kitchen, family room, and hallway.

She knew that she needed to see each color on her actual walls.  Wnder the light streaming through her many windows in order to make her final decisions. So she took her cards to the register and waited as the man behind the counter mixed her samples, then she followed him as he struggled to carry the box out to her car.

Take the Colors Home

Once she got home, she set up her supplies and started putting squares of color on her walls. She quickly learned that the yellow she had selected for the kitchen was much too happy for the sunlit room but just perfect for the windowless office downstairs. She discovered that the peach planned for the office brought just the right warmth to her kitchen and that the best blue for her living room was a shade of blue-gray. In every room, she put up a checkerboard of colors, examining them by daylight and lamp-light, then she made her decisions. And when the last selection was made, she did a celebratory dance in the middle of her empty living room.

Picking Paint Colors the Right Way

Later that night, as she lay in the bed which was her only furniture, she stared at the checkerboard of colors on the wall opposite and wished that she could make it go away so that she wouldn’t have to look at it. Then she realized, “I can make it go away. I used SureSwatch.”

You see, she had made one additional stop between the paint store and her condo — at the paint counter in Home Depot to pick up SureSwatch sheets. She had painted her samples on the removable clear plastic film and put them up on her walls, giving herself a good look at how the colors would cover what was already there. Best of all, she didn’t have to live with the checkerboard once her selections were made because all she had to do was remove the SureSwatch sheets from her walls.

She smiled to herself. What an adventure it had been.

When you’re ready to undertake your own adventure in picking new paint colors, don’t forget to add SureSwatch to your supply list. It’s available online as well as the paint counter at Home Depot. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

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