Picking the Perfect Gray Paint Colors For Your Next Painting Project

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Gray paint colors are incredibly popular right now– and for good reason! It’s the perfect color to help set the mood in a room. It’s versatile, it’s clean-looking, and it’s the perfect way to bring something fresh into a room without a huge swath of bright colors.

There are definitely some things about choosing gray paint that you should know before you set out on your mission, though. Gray is a unique color. Its ability to meld (or clash) with other colors makes it especially desirable for interior decorating; but how can you be sure to choose the best gray for your space?

Fortunately, there are some time-tested tips and tricks that should help with the process.
We’ve collected some of the most important factors to consider while you try to determine your ideal gray.

Factors to Consider While You Choose the Perfect Gray

Natural lighting

Depending on which way a room’s window face, gray paint inside may end up with more direct or more indirect light. Direct sunlight creates a warmer glow that can influence how certain colors look. Grays will look less blue in direct sunlight. If the color is in a spot with indirect sunlight, it may lean more blue.

Artificial lighting

Natural lighting isn’t the only lighting that can impact how paint colors look. The light you choose to use inside of your home can have a big effect on paint color choices too. Lots of LEDs and energy-efficient lights create cooler light than traditional bulbs do. Turn on your lamp and figure out whether it gives off a warm glow or a blue hue. All of these can play a role in determining which of the many gray paint colors is the perfect gray for you.

Other colors in the space

What other colors are present in the room that you want to paint gray? We’re totally talking accent walls and area rugs, but even the small details of a room can impact which gray works the best. What color are the throw pillows? Do you have vases? Are they all blue or green or yellow? These small details can help inform the best gray paint decision.

Color swatches are your friend

We all loved playing with paint swatches when we were little, but now you have an excuse to play a little as an adult, too! Get your hands on as many color swatches or paint chips (industry jargon) as you can find and get to work testing things out in your space.

It’s important to remember that swatches aren’t everything– they can’t always give you the perfect idea of how a color will look in a room. They do provide a valuable tool to kickstart your color search, though. It’s easier to choose between two grays if you can see them right next to each other!

SureSwatch to the Rescue

While Paint swatches are good for narrowing the color choice, you should not rely only on the chip.  That is where the SureSwatch comes into use.
Real paint, with the right sheen on the wall or surface you will be applying your gray paint colors, you’ll get an accurate picture of how the lighting will affect your choice.

So whether it’s paint from Behr Paints, Sherwin Williams, PPG, or Benjamin Moore to name a few or you are shopping at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, or Sherwin Williams we know you will be able to pick your perfect gray paint colors with confidence.

Search the web

The handy thing about interior decorating in 2021 is that if you want to do something, someone else probably already has. That means that there’s a wealth of reference pictures online just waiting to be found. Try searching Pinterest for examples of gray paint colors and gray rooms that speak to your interests.

Consider the sheen

Paint’s sheen plays a big part in how color translates on a wall. Here are some basic tips when it comes to sheen and color:

  • Flat finishes absorb light; they may appear slightly lighter in color
  • Gloss and semigloss finishes reflect light, which can make them seem darker
  • Eggshell and matte finishes offer a balance between flat and glossy; often the truest match to swatch color

Picking The Perfect Gray Colors is Made Easier With Sureswatch

SureSwatch temporary paint swatches are an excellent way to test out your grays and get a feel for a new color in a room. If you have questions about our products, reach out to us today for more information.
Or to find a hardware store, paint departments & paint stores nationwide that carry Sureswatch, check out our store finder tool here.

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