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Peel and Stick Paint Samples | SureSwatch

SureSwatch® Paint Swatches

Are you having trouble deciding on a color for your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom? Pick up some SureSwatch® Paint Swatches today!

Primer Decider | Peel and Stick Paint Samples | SureSwatch

SureSwatch Primer Decider Scale

Painting those deep red colors can be a little tricky! But with the SureSwatch® Primer Decider, you’ll be able to determine which primer to use for the job.

From A Thousand Blues to Three Possibilities

SureSwatch® Paint Swatches were created with paint sampling in mind.

What we found is that choosing the right paint color is a process. First of all, we go to the store and pick a thousand blue paint chips (or the color of your choice) that we might like. We take them home and probably eliminate most. It is like dating, we have to explore to find the perfect match.

Too light, too dark, too much green, too much yellow. Oh, this one might be just right!

So our thousand blues became 3-5 great paint sample choices. Consequently, indecision will set in and anxiety begins to increase! How do you know if this little tiny paint chip (that is not even made from real paint) is going to work in your home? Did you know that a paint chip is made from ink? Therefore the only way to know for sure is to create a paint sample sheet for your paint choices.

Go From “I Don’t Know” to “I Love That Paint Color!”

Creating paint samples of your final color choices is easy with SureSwatch®. SureSwatch® paint samples are a paintable clear film used to create removable stick-on paint swatches to CONFIRM or REJECT your paint colors. Above all, the paint sample sticker is easy to use so there are no paint surprises. So, what makes SureSwatch® the right product to use?

The low tack adhesive makes it easy to remove the SureSwatch® paint swatch sticker that you do not like and view just the SureSwatch® you do like. Furthermore, view your SureSwatch® paint sample sheet on multiple walls at the same time.

SureSwatch® Paint Swatches are designed to work with any brand, any color, and any sheen so you can create the perfect paint swatch sticker. Testing in the right sheen is critical. The gloss of the sheen will make the paint color look different.

Real Paint Color Samples
After all, you are putting real paint on the wall so you need to view the test paint sample color in your lighting and with your décor. The paint swatch sticker samples make it easy to view on multiple walls and see in all lighting scenarios.

The flexible film looks like paint on the wall. SureSwatch®  paint samples ensure accurate paint samples so you can feel good about your final paint color order.

SureSwatch® paint samples peel cleanly off the wall, leaving no marks or residue. The wall is clean and ready to paint. Hence if you paint your samples directly on the wall – prepping, priming, and sanding are all required as an extra step. Paint swatch stickers make the sampling process easy.

The frosted clear film shows the effect of the underlying wall color. This added feature makes using SureSwatch® paint samples as accurate as painting the wall. Stay away from testing paint colors on white cardboard. You might like the paint color on the white cardboard but unless you are painting a white wall, the white cardboard will not provide the desired accuracy.

Easy Paint Sampling

Just paint a SureSwatch® paint sample and apply the painted swatch to the wall. SureSwatch® paint sample sheets provide a removable swatch of the real paint color on a flexible, clear material.

Paint, Peel, View & Remove

Bonus Feature

The SureSwatch® Primer Decider Scale paint sample shows you clearly and simply if your new paint color will need a primer coat to cover your existing wall color. If a primer is needed, the Primer Decider even shows you what specific primer shade will hide your old color and bring out the best in your new color visualization. Just another way SureSwatch® paint samples ensures that you choose the right color — the first time, every time.

SureSwatch® Takes the Hassle Out of Color Decisions

SureSwatch® paint swatches are available in stores nationwide. SureSwatch® 9”x12” sheets are sold in a convenient 3-pack and available in larger packs and sizes online. Look for them the next time you are at your local paint department or store and discover the difference.