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Less Stress for the Holidays


Gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, parties to plan and attend, meals to cook … the holidays may be merry and bright, but they’re also busy. One way to make things a little more cheerful and a little less stressful is taking the time to put things in order — from your schedule to the items you need to get things done. These storage and organization ideas can help take some of the pressure off this holiday season.

Storage & Organization Ideas to Do It Now

Once the holiday season gets rocking (around the Christmas tree, perhaps?), you’ll be hard-pressed to find a moment to catch your breath. That’s why it makes sense to sit down and write out a calendar before the first-holiday event draws near. When it comes to storage and organization ideas, this one is a biggie because it really helps when you can see all of your holiday-to-do and parties-to-attend lists all laid out together in chronological order.

Make a list of everything that needs to be done (“Grocery shop for the party;” “Send a gift with Carter for his teacher;” “Mail off gifts”). Next, write those events in on a physical calendar or pull up your calendar on your computer and organize them there. When you’ve got the ability to see what needs to be done in the days or the weeks ahead, you’ll never get stuck shopping for a last-minute gift or overpaying to rush ship because you missed the deadline.

Remember to K.I.S.S.

We don’t mean under the mistletoe, although that’s nice, as well. What we mean is K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple … Santa. You can still make everyone’s holiday something special without stressing yourself to the max. One example? Plan one signature beverage (a holiday punch or spiced wine, perhaps?) for the party instead of having a full bar.

Speaking of bars, set up items for a hot chocolate bar (candy canes, marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, etc.) and let guests create a DIY drink. Keep things laid back and casual; you’ll have much more time to spend with the ones you love.

Storage and Organization Ideas for Ornaments

You may not have your ornaments organized this way yet, but if you start this year, you’ll thank yourself when you start pulling out all the lights and baubles next year. First of all, ditch the huge ornament boxes and store breakable ornaments in egg cartons. They’re perfectly designed to keep each one separate and safe. Wrap strings of Christmas lights around notched pieces of cardboard to keep them tangle-free. Smaller bits and bobs can be organized in plastic storage bags according to their color and size for easy selection next time around.

When you do pack them away in larger boxes, clearly label the outside of the box. That way when you’re looking for the giant inflatable Rudolph for the front yard next year, you won’t have to dig through three boxes of wreaths before you find it.

Remember the Reason for the Season

Most of all, simply take time to slow down and look around with love and thanks. All of the storage and organization ideas in the world won’t matter if you don’t take a deep breath and enjoy the season. Whatever your reason is — whether it’s celebrating with your church or spending precious time with loved ones — make sure to take time to focus on that. Before you know it, the holiday season will be over and we’ll be speeding through yet another year!

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