Top Trends for Nursery Décor


While the top trends in nursery decor will give you inspiration to start, think about how you can customize for your bundle of joy.  By personalizing the space for your baby it will feel like home right from the start.   A room can be based on a color you like.  When I had my first baby a used a pastel green with white.  We did not know what we were having and green would work boy or girl.  Today a quick search on the internet will take you to blogs or Pinterest boards.

Neutral Schemes

  1. Natural Wood: The perfect fit for the naturalist family that enjoys the beauties of the outdoors. Beginning with an earthy beige tone on the walls, you can add a wood accent in the form of a cute sign or picture frames.
  2. Dream Dream Dream: Clouds are making their comeback in children’s rooms. Start with an airy blue or even fun yellow paint and add white clouds, moons and even stars!
  3. Pastels: Groundbreaking, right? Though pastels are nothing new, new parents are adding modern furniture to give their nursery an updated functional feeling.


Once you figure out colors and themes for your baby, it is time to think about technology for the nursery.    A simple mobile is now a technological marvel.   The monitoring systems can hear and pin drop.  But even with all the technology there is nothing like sitting in a rocking chair marveling over your new born.

While paying attention to the top trends in nursery decor is important, remember the most important thing is enjoying the time with your baby.  As they say you blink your eyes and they are off to college.

With these tips, you cannot go wrong for your new bundle of joy!

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