When it Comes to Paint Colors for Living Rooms, It’s About Possibilities


The excitement of owning your first home is like being a kid one Christmas morning. You’ll rearrange the furniture until you drive your family crazy. You will cook aromatic meals in your new kitchen. Accessories will be placed beneath the chimney with care. You’ll walk around the yard, staring at that wonderful house, causing the neighbors to wonder if you’re searching for Easter eggs a little early. What you’re actually doing is considering paint colors for living rooms. Since your husband just got out of the Navy, he said as long as you didn’t paint the house blue, he’d be happy. Both of you love the hardwood floor and beams on the ceilings. You have SureSwatch with which to test ideas. You’re all set.

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You consult the top decorating guru with which you’re acquainted with for ideas. Today’s Houzz favorite colors tend toward grays and varying shades of tan. Some look like they’ve been mixed with another color to produce a sandy kind of effect in thetans. A gray shade closely resembling pewter is especially effective. The trim, windows and doors, mouldings andbaseboards are without fail painted a glaring white, which has the effect of making the grays and tans recede into the background. Living rooms done in grays and tans used accessories and art work incorporating pops of bright color to lead the eye around the room. The trouble with tans is that they look like Navy uniforms, so that’s out. You’re not totally into gray, so you need another idea.

Paint Colors for Living Room

You have an idea to stain the window frames, mouldings and baseboards the same shade as the hardwood floor and ceiling beams. A pinkish beige shade would look good in contrast. This color would both open up the room while showcasing the wood. You test it against the wall with your faithful SureSwatch, but it just doesn’t do it for you. The excitement of finding paint colors for the living room is almost too much to handle, but you try the palest buttery yellow next. Sure enough, SureSwatchstrikes again, convincing you this is perfect. With draperies, rugs and pillows in bright colors, the living room will pop.


You noticed in the Houzz examples that the woodwork was painted stark white. This made the living room wall colors recede into a gentle background. At some future date, if you wanted to paint the woodwork white, the pale buttery yellow of the living room walls would not recede at all. It would look electric, like sunshine come for a personal visit. You shake your head, thinking that idea should be remembered when you tire of the present color scheme. Smiling happily, you head for the paint store.

Be sure to test your ideas on SureSwatch removable paintable film. Put up against your wall, you can see how the color will work. SureSwatch can be found at Home Depot or here when you contact us.

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