Finding your paint colors with a SureSwatch is easy!

Whether it is a question on how to use a SureSwatch Temporary Paint Swatch or a color question, we are here to help.

It is always great to hear from a customer.

You can reach us by completing the form or by email at or by Phone: 216-200-8910

Finding the Perfect Paint Colors? We are here to help

Maybe you have a color question?  We can even share our favorite recipes if you prefer.  Whatever it is we are here to help you find your perfect match. Our goal is to put the fun back in the painting process. 

Call or email whichever you prefer, and, on some days, you might be able to talk with the inventor Jamie Peltz. Our FAQ’s also answer some of our most popular questions on how to use a SureSwatch.

We would also love to hear your success stories in picking your paint color.  How many colors did you begin with?  Did you know which was the perfect one right away or was it a process of elimination?  We find that the process is unique to the individual and there is no right or wrong way to pick you paint color.  We just want you to enjoy your room!   

The journey to picking the right paint color I am sure started with a search through Pinterest boards to envision your space You probably created a few boards of your own.  From there you looked through chip after chip to find the perfect shade.  You found it you just know it.  You are anxious to paint the wall.  But wait take the final step and try the color on your wall with a SureSwatch.   You will thank yourself that you did it the SureSwatch way.

Picking Paint Colors