SureSwatch® Paint Swatches. Find the Perfect Paint Color.

Eliminate Headaches When Choosing Paint Colors

The Old Way VS. The New Way to Paint

The old way of sampling paint left you with no choice but to commit to primer and color, hoping it comes out the same way as it looks in the can. If you don’t like it, you have to prime and sand it all down and try again. The original paint sample will transform the way you paint.

The old way of testing paint colors is gone. With SureSwatch Paint Swatches, you can enjoy an easy and affordable new way of sampling paint and transform your space with these paint samples.

Paint Color Samples on Wall
Placing peel and stick paint samples on wall

Stick On Paint Swatches

SureSwatch is the number one seller of customizable paint swatches that provide you with an accurate representation of your next wall color.

SureSwatch allows you to be adventurous with your color choices. Each sample peels right off, leaving your wall clean and paint-free so you can decide on the right color.

Picking a Color The SureSwatch® Way

Painting swatches is part of the process of picking your paint color. And using a painted SureSwatch® is the easiest way to confirm or reject your color choice.

Plus, it adds some fun back to the process.

Just paint your SureSwatch®, try, decide & remove.

Congratulations! You have picked the right color and left your wall clean and ready to paint.

Suggested Supplies

  • SureSwatch® Paint Samples
  • Paint Samples
  • Small Rollers
  • Small Trays
Peel and Stick Paint Samples | SureSwatch

Step 1: Apply Paint Generously on the Stick On Paint Sample

With the Sure Swatch’s UNPRINTED side up, apply the paint generously in a corner-to-corner “X” pattern. Paint in a side-to-side motion and then in an up and down motion to completely cover the sheet.

As a final step, roll in one direction from top to bottom in a series of strokes covering the entire sheet. Let the first coat dry until it feels dry to the touch. Apply a second coat using the same method. Again, be sure to let it dry to the touch.

Drying time is approximately 20-60 minutes depending on the surrounding temperature and humidity.

Peel and Stick Paint Samples | SureSwatch

Step 2: Try the Color on Your Wall

While you might be tempted to make your color choice by looking down at what you have just painted, it’s important that you position your SureSwatch on your wall for viewing. Place the SureSwatch® on the wall.

After the painted SureSwatch® is dry, crack on the dotted line to remove your painted SureSwatch®.

Walk a few feet back from the wall and view.

You will quickly and easily know which is the right color for you. Do you need more time to decide? We like to live with our color for a few days to see it under different lighting conditions.

When painting with SureSwatch®, DO NOT use on wallpaper, unpainted drywall, recently painted or primed surfaces, or other easily peeled surfaces.

For additional information, we have put together a list of our most popular questions.

Step 3: Remove for a Clean Wall

Once you’ve made your choice, remove the SureSwatch and discard it. SureSwatch® paint swatches remove easily and cleanly, just be sure to remove them within 14 days of viewing.

More of a visual person? Click the button below for a step-by-step video on painting with SureSwatch®.

Explore the Benefits of SureSwatch® Paint Swatches

Stick On paint samples have a lot of benefits over expensive trial-and-error painting. Not only are these swatches affordable, but they allow you to try out a range of colors before you commit to the final paint.

  • Convenient – These paint sample sheets are easy to paint and easy to stick to the wall. Best of all, they’re easy to remove, unlike traditional paint samples. When you’re ready to try a different sample, simply peel it off – or try multiple colors side-by-side for color comparisons. There’s no limit to the kinds of fun you can have with SureSwatch paint sample sheets.
  • Affordable – These paint samples are a cost-effective way to test different colors with an accurate representation of what they will look like on your wall. When using a SureSwatch you will not need to buy primers or sandpaper to cover up those unsightly paint spots before starting your paint project.
  • Accurate – Traditional paint chips and many paint samples are printed and a representation of the paint color. When you use SureSwatch paint samples, you don’t have to worry about the paint being different from the sample because it’s the same paint, the same sheen, and the same brand that you picked. Competitors such as Samplize only offer specific colors, manufacturers, and sheens. With SureSwatch you can test your exact paint.
  • Easy – SureSwatch makes paint matching and sampling colors easy. They remove easily, and let you try colors on different walls and different rooms. And it is easy to compare and contrast the colors you like and don’t like. Just remove and you are ready to paint since no priming and sanding are required. These swatches can be used with any paint type, manufacturer, and color.
  • Clean – Stop worrying about drips, spills, or clean-up while you’re just testing a new color on the wall. These temporary paint swatches are designed to be painted on a dropcloth or a flat surface. The flat surface and short drying time allow you to keep your walls and floors clean and free from paint until you’re ready to make the change.

Give these paint samples a try and you may just say yes to a color you’ll fall in love with instantly. SureSwatch can help you try out any color paint from any brand, allowing you to compare brands, colors, and the quality of different paints all in one swatch. There has never been a more versatile paint sampler.

SureSwatch® Takes the Hassle Out of Color Decisions

SureSwatch® paint swatches are available in stores nationwide. SureSwatch® 9”x12” sheets are sold in a convenient 3-pack and available in larger packs and sizes online. Look for them the next time you are at your local paint department or store and discover the difference.

Sample Trending Colors 

Are you always curious about the latest trends in home design colors, but don’t want to go through the hassle of re-painting your whole home on a whim? After all, the trending colors always look fabulous, but they might not match your décor.

Now, you don’t have to. With SureSwatch paint samples, you can sample trending colors without committing to the full wall. And avoid common painting mistakes. Give it a try for a little bit of fun imagining the differences. 

You never know; you may just find a color that you fall in love with! Sampling trending colors has never been easier than with these easy and affordable sample swatches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big of a Sample Do I Need to Paint Match?

Sometimes, you lose the paint sample can or forget the brand name that you were looking for. It happens, but it doesn’t have to ruin your color decision.

With SureSwatch, paint matching is easy. Our swatches are large enough that any paint store can easily paint match the color on your swatches with ease, helping you determine the color that you had on your swatch.

This also makes it a great opportunity for custom paint mixing. So long as you keep the swatch with the custom paint, you can match it again and again. To help your swatch keep once you peel it off the wall, it can easily adhere back to the liner.

How Much Does Paint to Sample Cost?

SureSwatch swatches are affordable, ranging from $2.94 – $5.99 for a 3-pack. These swatches make it easy to try out different colors on a budget.

You will need to purchase a sample paint can from any hardware or paint store to paint the swatch. We also recommend purchasing small rollers and small trays for pouring and applying your paint to the swatch.

Overall, sample swatches will save you time and money and are more cost-effective than testing out new colors by applying them directly to the wall.

Can I Get Paint Samples Mailed to Me?

SureSwatch is available at 1000’s of retail locations nationwide. Some of our retailers will offer SureSwatch through e-commerce on their websites.

Take a look at our store locator page and enter your zip code. We’ll help you find a store near you that sells SureSwatch paint samples!

Are Paint Samples as Good as the Paint?

Yes, with SureSwatch, paint samples are just as good as the paint because you are using the same quality and brand paint with your testing sample as you would be when you’re ready to commit to a color. There’s no guessing or surprises involved when your paint is the same brand, sheen, and color that you sampled.

With these paint samples, you can try out as many colors as you’d like, from any manufacturer. When you’re ready to commit to a color, simply peel the sample off the wall and start painting!

Give it a try today. Find a store near you that supplies SureSwatch samples and revitalize your home with a brand-new color.

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