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Bedroom Ideas | 5 Easy Steps for the Room of Your Dreams

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When looking for bedroom ideas follow these easy steps to create your ideal bedroom.   Using a real-life example, I thought I could take you through my recent approach to decorating a bedroom.  My youngest child, Michala recently graduated from college.  Once we realized she was going to be living with us for a while we realized that her bedroom needed a makeover.   The bedroom was last painted when she was 12 years old and she is now 22.  The walls were bright pink and orange and there was a large Michala painted on the wall.

Since the room was for Michala she had some definite opinions about the style.  She wanted to completely change the room of her childhood to one that would be grown-up but still had an element of fun.  Michala’s style is a mixture of vintage with modern comforts.


Jamie with 1970’s headboard

Before we attempt to pick paint colors for the bedroom we decided on the furniture set-up.  She spent weeks rearranging existing furniture, getting rid of unnecessary pieces, and trying the bed in different locations. She knew she did not want the existing daybed against a wall.  Before buying new items we like to shop our house to re-purpose what we can.  This way we can stay on budget but still give her the look she wanted. Upstairs in the attic, we found a twin headboard from my childhood bed and a box frame we could use.  We started with the bed centered in the middle of the room but quickly moved it off-center to create a sitting area.

In the bathroom we found an old cedar chest that I never figured out how to use.  It would need to be painted but it was perfect.  It had that vintage feel and found a home under the window. Pinterest and HGTV are perfect resources for additional bedroom ideas.

With the layout finalized we were ready to start the search for paint colors.


The best place to start with color selection is with a color chip.  We found pinks, greens and blues that we thought would work and brought them all home to view in the room.  Remember the lighting in the retail store is not even close to the lighting in your home.  The only way to know if you will like a color is to view it in the comfort of your own home.  The goal of the paint chip search is to find 3 – 5 colors to try on your wall.


There were three colors that made the final cut, Piggy Pink, Basin Blue and Explorer Blue.  The only way to know for sure how paint colors will look on the wall is to use SureSwatch Temporary Paint Swatches.   Remember a paint chip is ink and it is just a representation of the color.   A SureSwatch creates a paint swatch with real paint and shows the true color.


SureSwatch is the best way to create paint samples to see your ideas on the wall. A SureSwatch brings your bedroom ideas to life.  Besides being easy there are several other great reasons for using a SureSwatch.

  1. Walls stay clean.  SureSwatch uses a low tack adhesive for easy removability.  No more priming and sanding to cover up the test squares.
  2. Test your color in multiple places. Most people test a color in just one spot.  A paint color can look different on different walls depending on window placement and lighting.  With a SureSwatch you can see the color on any wall.
  3. Remove unwanted colors easily. Did you know a color next to another color will affect how you see that color?  With a SureSwatch you can view multiple colors at the same time or just one color. And when you eliminate a color you do not have to live with the bad color until you paint
  4. Accurate as painting the wall. SureSwatch starts as a clear film. With a clear film you can see the effect of the existing color on the new color.  Unless you are painting a white wall do not use white cardboard.  You might love the color on the white color, but it may not look the same when you paint on the wall.

In the end, Michala chose Basin Blue.  It was a calming blue with a sense of sophistication.


Michala with perfect taped edges

The first item we painted was the headboard.  The headboard was circa 1970, great quality but dated finish.  We chose a high gloss white to bring out the details and for durability.  It gave an old headboard a new life.

After the headboard we moved on to the trim.  I like to paint the trim first and than the walls.

It was great having a partner in this project.  We found out Michala is great at taping and even a better painter.  She was meticulous versus her mother who is a exceptionally messy painter.  By the end I will have splatters on me and the floors.  I try so hard to be neat and clean.


There is no right or wrong way to decorate.  Some people like to have everything decided in the beginning.  For me I like to go in steps, get a feel for the room and to see what is working and not working.  Since we chose paint first we needed our comforter to work with the colors and feel we were trying to accomplish.

The beauty of the internet is we can shop multiple stores, order multiple items, and easily return the items we do not like.  Many of the retail sites help visualize the bedroom decorations.  But for us I still like to see and touch the final choices.  Michala thought she wanted white; I wanted a color.  So, we tried multiple options.   In the end we found at Macy’s the perfect blue comforter  with some white.


There are several bedroom decor items that still need to be finalized.  3 Day Blinds is coming this week to measure for blinds and we are still thinking about what color to paint the chest?  Any suggestions?  A new chair is needed as well as a tablecloth for the corner table.   Some pillows for the bed and a vintage floor mirror and finally the bedroom accessories.

What we found worked for us is to take it step-by-step.  Firstly, finish step one before you move onto step two.  There is no need to overwhelm yourself with decisions that can be made later.   Secondly, find a good study buddy.  Michala and I worked well as a team, both contributing to the success. Thirdly, just have fun.  Hopefully our bedroom ideas will help you with your own decorating.  Enjoy the process and celebrate your success.

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