SureSwatch Paint Swatches

Find Your
Paint Color

Placing peel and stick paint samples on wall

SureSwatch Paint Swatches

Confidently Find Your Paint Color

As Easy As 1-2-3

SureSwatch is the easiest way
to confirm your color choice.

Easily Removable

The swatches peel off easily
leaving no marks or residue.

Flexible Positioning

See your sample in different
lighting and around corners.

Works With Any Paint

Our paint swatches work with
any paint, sheen, or brand.

View On All Walls

See paint colors on Multiple
Walls at the same time.

Pick Them Up Today

Pick up our swatches at your local home improvement or hardware store.

SureSwatch makes it easy…

Just paint SureSwatch paint swatches, place them on the wall, and remove them. The low-tack adhesive makes it easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

View your paint color swatches on multiple walls at the same time and see how light affects the color at different times of the day.

And best of all with SureSwatch, there is no need to prep the unsightly test spots that are left on the wall when testing paint colors directly on the walls.

As easy as 1-2-3

Painting swatches is part of the process of picking your paint color. And using a SureSwatch® Paint Swatch is the easiest way to confirm or reject your color choice.

Plus, it adds some fun back to the process.

1. Apply Paint Generously

And let dry completely before moving to the next step.

2. Place swatch on your wall

You can stick it in an area with different lighting or even around a corner to really get a better idea.

3. Peel off your wall

The swatches peel off easily leaving no marks or residue.

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SureSwatch® Takes the Hassle Out of Color Decisions

SureSwatch® paint swatches are available in stores nationwide. SureSwatch® 9”x12” sheets are sold in a convenient 3-pack and available in larger packs and sizes online. Look for them the next time you are at your local paint department or store and discover the difference.

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SureSwatch Peel and Stick Paint Samples

Our Story

Why SureSwatch® Is Better Than Regular Paint Samples

Use SureSwatch® Paint Swatches to choose the exact right paint color for your home!

You have looked and evaluated color after color to find the right paint color for your home. The final step is to try that color on in your home. The only way to get it right is to see the actual paint color with your furnishings and in your lighting. SureSwatch makes it easy to confirm or reject your paint choices with paint color swatches.

It is easy to create paint swatches with our paintable clear film. Because of the low-tack adhesive; you can try your colors on multiple walls and in multiple rooms. The paint color swatches remove cleanly, so the walls are ready to be painted whenever you are. And the best part is a SureSwatch® they are customizable by paint color and sheen with real paint

Envisioned & created by entrepreneur, Jamie Peltz after watching people struggle with choosing paint colors. Working with friends and colleagues they created and commercialized SureSwatch®.

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