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When it comes to choosing the perfect paint color for your home, use paint swatches for accurate paint testing. But how you test your paint colors plays a role in the accuracy.   The critical elements to consider when testing paint colors are as follows…

  1. Using paint in the sheen, brand, and color you are considering.
  2. Applying two coats of the chosen paint.
  3. Viewing colors on multiple walls.
  4. Testing the colors in the lighting conditions where the paint will be used.
  5. Viewing the final paint color alone, not next to other colors.

Understanding the difference between Paint Chips and Paint Swatches

Paint chips serve as a representation of a particular paint shade or color, allowing homeowners to visualize how the paint might look on their walls before making a purchase. Paint chips are typically available in the form of cards or strips, featuring multiple shades of a particular color or a range of different colors. They are great for narrowing down your paint color choices.

Paint Swatches are painted with the paint of the manufacturer.  They can be prepainted or painted by the user.  The ones that you paint can be customized by brand, sheen, and color.  Paint swatches are generally designed for easy removability, featuring an adhesive backing.

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The Accuracy Dilemma:

There are several issues that affect the accuracy of a paint chip.  But using a paint swatch will fix the accuracy dilemma.

Paint chips do not use real paint: a paint chip is a printed representation of a paint color.  They are small and do not allow for easy visualization when picking paint color. Paint swatches use paint and are larger in size.

Always apply two coats of paint: Don’t skimp corners when testing paint colors.  One coat of paint does not provide the richness or depth of color.  For accuracy always apply two coats of paint when testing.

Test on multiple walls: A paint color looks different on each wall based on lighting and windows.  By using a stick on sample you can view your paint color on multiple walls without creating a patchwork of colors directly on the wall

Lighting conditions: The lighting under which a chip is viewed can greatly impact its appearance. Different lighting environments can distort the color perception and make it challenging to gauge how the paint will look in a specific room.

Surrounding colors: The color of the wall or the presence of other elements in the room can influence the perceived color of the chip. The surrounding colors may create contrasts or reflections that alter the visual impression.

SureSwatch Paint Swatches

SureSwatch Paint Samples

In the pursuit of accurate color representation, SureSwatch has emerged as a game-changer. This innovative product offers an unparalleled solution to the accuracy dilemma faced by traditional paint chips.

Here’s why SureSwatch stands out:

Paint-on film technology: SureSwatch utilizes a unique paint-on film technology accurate paint testing. Rather than relying on pre-printed colors, it provides a blank, adhesive-backed film that can be applied to any surface. This allows homeowners to paint their chosen colors directly onto SureSwatch, creating a true representation of the final result.

Versatility and adaptability: Unlike traditional chips, SureSwatch can be applied to various surfaces, including walls, ceilings, or trim. This versatility enables users to test colors in different areas of a room or on different surfaces, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of how the paint will appear in different contexts.

Easy application and removal: SureSwatch is easy to apply and remove, making it a convenient tool for testing paint colors. It adheres firmly to surfaces without causing damage, and it can be easily peeled off when no longer needed.

Accurate visualization: By allowing homeowners to paint their chosen colors directly onto the film, SureSwatch provides an accurate and realistic representation of the final result. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures confidence in color selection.

Pick paint colors like a professional

Paint chips have long been a go-to resource for choosing paint colors, but their accuracy has often been a subject of doubt. The introduction of SureSwatch has revolutionized the way homeowners can visualize paint colors, offering a level of accurate paint testing that was previously unattainable. With its paint-on film technology, versatility, and ease of use, SureSwatch provides an unparalleled solution for those seeking precise color representation. Say goodbye to uncertainty and make your paint color choices confidently with SureSwatch.

Accurate paint testing | SureSwatch Paint Swatches

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