Paint Wall or Trim First?

How To

Personal Preference

If you’re planning a painting project it may be difficult to decide what to paint first – the walls or the trim. The truth is, there’s no right answer, but here are some reasons why someone might choose to paint one first over the other.  Most professional painters start iwth the trim, than ceiling and finally the walls.  But paint any way that makes you happy since there is no wrong answer.

  1. Most people choose to paint trim a light and neutral color, making it easier to cover up if it gets on the wall if it splatters while painting the trim.  Also, if you start with the trim you avoid taping the trim.  Taping the trim is more difficult than taping a wall.
  1. On the flip side to the trim versus wall question, typically, walls are painted with a flat or satin finish while trim is painted with a semi or high gloss. Higher gloss paint covers flat finishes more easily than the opposite which makes it easier to cover splatters on baseboards and trim.
  1. Whether you decide to paint the trim or the walls first, if you’re painting the ceiling, always paint the ceiling before the rest.

Whether it is a change of color or a complete remodel knowing how to paint will make for a smoother project.   Painting is one of those projects that you can see the immediate impact of your effort, so find your color and paint away.

Color Choices

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