Creating a Guest Room

Jamie's Diary

In my last diary entry, I talked about becoming an empty nester and converting a kid’s room into a guest room. The project continues and now I’m focusing on finding a new paint color.

This is the part where I start to struggle. Do you start with a new comforter and build a color scheme from there, or pick a paint color and find a comforter to match the paint color? Really, there is no right or wrong answer, you just need to make a choice and get started. In this case, I started with a comforter.

While I would prefer to shop in store, I often find the selection limiting. So I went online. Well, even the smartest person can get lost in an internet maze if you don’t go in with a plan. I didn’t have a plan. I scoured website after website and finally landed at Kohl’s. They had great options that were priced right, so I ordered five different options.

Finding a New Paint Color

Granted, I might know a little more about picking paint colors than most people, but it still can be a daunting task. There are just too many choices! Most designers suggest starting with a focal point. I decided that the comforter would be the focal point of this new guest room, and I wanted to create a warm, welcoming environment. Gray and yellow easily accomplish this. Yellow is a happy color and gray is a nice subtle neutral. Now, it’s off to The Home Depot to find some paint colors!

Until next time, happy painting!


Jamie’s Painting Diary is a series by SureSwatch inventor and president Jamie Peltz. It chronicles her adventures in painting — and in life — from finding a new paint color to the trials and tribulations of a home improvement painting project.

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