Remodeling 101: How To Choose the Best White Paint Colors for Your Home

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White is arguably one of the most popular paint colors out there, yet the most challenging to pick due to the numerous shades available. Ideally, white paint colors can look entirely different depending on factors such as flooring, lighting, and more. However, picking a white that jibes with the rest of the space can go a long way in creating a serene and clean environment in your home.

For sure, white paints are not a one-size-fits-all situation, and for people with no background in paints, making the right decision here can be a daunting task. For beginners, you can start by learning about the popular shades of white paint, which include but are not limited to:

  •    Sherwin-Williams Extra White (no cool or warm undertones)
  •    Valspar Swiss Coffee (warm white)
  •    The Spruce Best Home First Frost (warm white)
  •    Behr Falling Snow (cool white)
  •    Farrow and Ball All White No. 2005(versatile), etc.

That said, here is a guide to help you choose the best white paint colors for your home:

Understand the undertones

White paint comes with varying hues – from brownish, reddish, bluish, and even greenish, and can be categorized as cool or warm. Most DIY home remodelers make the mistake of mixing cool and warm shades, only to end up with a mismatched and sloppy undertone that makes your home look amateurish and not so appealing.

Experts recommend that you pick a cool or warm white paint color and stick to it on everything, including flooring, window treatments, and backsplashes. Being consistent with one undertone is a sure way to make your space cohesive and coordinated.

Consider lighting

Typically, many people do not consider the impact of lighting when choosing paint colors until it is painted and the contrast becomes accentuated. As a phenomenon of light, white can conflict with lighting, so you need to consider how natural light in the room affects the paint on the walls.

While picking white paint vis-à-vis lighting, make sure to consider fixtures and bulbs to ensure you select a complimentary white color. An expert can guide you here to help you match your lighting with the perfect paint.

Size up what’s in the room

Before settling on a white paint shade, first assess the setup and furnishings in your house. For instance, if the colors are warm, you may want to go for white with warm-coloured undertones (like orange, yellow, or red). If the colors are cool, cool-inflected whites (blue, purple, or green) are preferable.

As stated, your furnishings can influence the perception of any paint. Sometimes the warm or cool white in your house doesn’t entirely come from the paint, but the furniture in the room and other items therein.

Choose several white paint colors you like

You can also use your basic knowledge of white paint colors (taking into consideration the furnishings and lighting in your house) to pick the best shade of white. Here are some tips to help you out:

  •    A pure white feels more modern than one with a mix of colors
  •    In some cases, bright white may go well when tampered with other colors
  •    In situations that you are not sure about, err on the side of a neutral white where you are able to clearly separate warm and cool whites.

Test your favorite shades

Testing your choice of color at home can give you an idea of which color complements your home. Making use of paint swatches can help you assess how the color blends with the lighting and other features in a room. Remember that the same color can appear differently in another room, depending on the light present in the room. Also, be sure to take note of how the paint appears at different times of day and in natural and artificial light.


Knowing the different shades of white paint can help you make the right choice when looking for the best white paint colors. If need be, a professional can offer guidance to ensure you pick just the ideal color without having to make multiple trips to the store.

For a more definitive and sure choice of color, use SureSwatch paint swatches that allow you to choose the perfect color instead of hoping it will complement your home after the work is done. Contact us to learn how SureSwatch paint swatches work!

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