Dare to be Bold: How to Incorporate Dark Paint


Looking to liven up a space with bold colors.  Some people will tell you that dark paint colors are an absolute no, but many others will disagree. Dark paint can bring drama to a room and accent your décor perfectly, but how can you use it in a way that’s bold and not tacky?

Start Small

If this is your first time using a bold color.  Start small.  One of the best ways to add color is with pillows.  Try dark colors or interesting patterns to add a pop to an existing room.  Dark hues bring out the texture. Paint old-style and unique textured areas with a dark color to showcase their design.

Bold Colors – One Wall

If you’re not ready to commit to dark walls, choose bold colors as an accent color.  An accent wall or a feature wall adds the right amount of color without overwhelming the space.   It anchors a room and is visually appealing

Red Dining Room

Red has always been the perfect color for a dining room.  It can be dramatic and add elegance for a more traditional space or it can be fun for a modern twist.  Red is known to stimulate appetites.

Balance with Neutrals

Design is always about balance so if you are going to use dark colors try incorporating natural elements (wicker, wood, plants) that can help perfectly counteract the darkness of paint. For more ideas for using bold colors check out Freshome.

Try Bold Colors Before You Buy

SureSwatch is the perfect companion for working with bold colors.  It lets you try on your paint colors before you commit.  It is paintable with any color, and any sheen, and is removable so you can quickly remove the colors you do not like.

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