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Buying a new house presents the tantalizing problem of choosing paint colors. Some new homeowners want a different color in every room according to its purpose and/or its furnishings. Other homeowners want just one color so they don’t have to open twenty cans of paint. Some homeowners want to paint murals on the walls or two-tone walls. Not to worry, we have paint color ideas for all of you! We can even give you a tool on which to try out your colors before you buy the first can of paint.

The Main Rooms

The kitchen, living room and dining room will be the rooms visitors see first. Homeowners choose the best colors for these rooms depending on the light. They will need cool colors for southern-facing rooms and warm ones for northern or western-facing rooms. Many families choose neutral off-whites, beiges or grays for these rooms. In fact, pinkish-beiges and a combination of gray and beige called graige is trending now. Window treatments, pillows and colorful rugs provide pops of color to off-set the neutrality. Bright jewel colors for these accessories are trending now. Use SureSwatch’s helpful paint visualizer to test colors without leaving unwanted paint on the walls. You’ll see how it will look before you buy a roller.

Bedrooms and Baths

If the house has a bathroom for each bedroom, they usually continue the theme of the attached bedroom. People spend a lot of time in bathrooms. They relax and enjoy a hot bath after a long day, perfect their look before leaving for work or school or just check that they don’t have a fever with a cold or flu. If the bathroom has enough space, many people enjoy putting dressing table benches before the mirrors as well as wicker or wood shelving or hampers. If these things are present in your bathroom, then you will want warm inviting colors for relaxation and the stress-control of a hot soaking bath.

Families can have a lot of fun in bedrooms and baths with a paint can and roller. These rooms are your private domain, full of your personality and whimsy. Of course, many little girls have pink rooms while little boys have blue ones. Parents often allow them to choose the borders on the walls. The kids often choose Winnie the Pooh, planes and trains or whatever they fancy. Mom and Dad have a little more fun with their room, using the paint color to complement the carpet or hardwood floor, their paintings or their bed linens. Your favorite colors go here. Test them out today.

When you decide to begin your paint adventure, share your ideas with us. We’ll be glad to share our expertise with you when you contact us.

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